green RESIZEDUtilizing a fully integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, you can count on Insopac to exceed expectations for product quality, timely delivery cycles and exceptional customer service.


As leader in Innovation for both film/corrugate manufacturing/thermoformed containers and contract manufacturing, we have a team of experienced chemical engineers, chemists, packaging engineers, cosmetic chemists, microbiologists, lab technicians and packaging specialists who apply their individual disciplines throughout the production process. Quality assurance is maintained during the production process by experts who consistently insure through quality control a flawless product.  Our manufacturing standards are in full compliance with FDA & OTC regulatory guidelines and Good Manufacturing Practices.


As a company Insopac is committed to furthering the “Cradle to Grave” initiative to protect our planet’s resources.  Towards that end our goals include continually improving the ways we procure, manufacture, deliver and reuse materials. While we support and understand that the mission of Sustainable Packaging is to promote a long term environmental vision for packaging, materials and recycling processes we also realize our customer’s goal to have their products manufactured to meet the market criteria for performance and cost.